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The PhotoTellers--Photography Podcast

Sep 7, 2016

24 years into Photography, Elizabeth Homan's lucrative business hinges on one thing: Family Portraits. More specifically; large wall decor for the home.

If you're intimidated by a small or large family group, struggle with posing, unsure how to proceed, Elizabeth is here to help. In fact, she & her husband, Trey, have written the book on the topic. Literally. Here's the Amazon link to their freshly-published book on Photographing Families:

The book will give you a look at 60 different family groupings, and explain the lighting and "why?" behind the images.

Today's conversation on The PhotoTellers, though, will explore:

  • Her recent induction into the Cameracraftsmen of America
  • Why Family Portraiture is the center of her business
  • The message that family portraits convey to children
  • "People in my town don't buy large family portraits," you say. Elizabeth responds.
  • Why is Elizabeth a Photographer?
  • What is the 1 best reason to attend TX School?

3 ways to connect with Elizabeth:


And if you missed my conversation with her last year, FIND IT HERE.

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